Moroccan Hammam

A place where time seems to stand still

What is Moroccan Hammam?

The Moroccan Hammam is an ancient cleansing tradition that was originally performed for a total detoxification of the body and soul. This treatment has benefits like no other. It boosts the immune system while creating ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation of the body including rehabilitation of aching muscles and pain relief.

Not only does the Moroccan Hammam have incredible results in increasing circulation and excreting toxins from the body, it also leaves your body incredibly soft and hydrated, removing dead skin cells and leaving behind natural oils that fight free radicals and leave the body feeling smooth, looking younger and with a healthy glow.



How is it performed?

To take this treatment to the next level, we recommend our clients spend time in our infrared dry sauna prior to receiving the Hammam Treatment. This will open the pores nice and large, maximizing the benefits of the detoxification process.

Moroccan Black Olive Soap, with all of its cleansing and nourishing properties, is used to clean and exfoliate the skin while providing deep hydration.

For an even deeper cleanse and exfoliation, Hammam Kese gloves will be used during your Hammam Treatment. Your service provider will use these double-sided gloves to enhance the exfoliation process, providing an invigorating sensation that only this type of defoliation technique may provide.

Afterwards, Rhassoul Clay is used to draw out the deepest impurities for ultimate detoxification and removed with warm water.

Lastly, your skin will be moisturized with Moroccan Argan oil, leaving the skin soft, nourished, and protected. You will be in awe of how refreshed and smooth your body feels.



Lemongrass Body Scrub *New for a Limited Time*

In our dry Calgary climate, our bodies desperately need exfoliation and hydration!

During this treatment, a physical exfoliant is used to remove dead skin cells, unclogging your pores, and leaving your skin feeling soft with an even texture.

Removing those old skin cells is crucial so that the moisturizing oil we apply to your body after the exfoliation may penetrate into your skin more thoroughly to provide it with deep hydration.

This Lemon Grass Body Scrub will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!